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Vendor Midway

The fourth running of the Outlaw Street Car Reunion is coming up in March 2017 and the team at Southern Speed Promotions is working harder than ever. We are proud to expand the vendor midway to include both sides of the facility and house over 1500' of the best vendors on the market highlighting their products and selling the best stuff on the market to you!

Vendor midway

The vendor midway is a great place for our sponsors and other companies to showcase their top products and keep our racers in the pits running at a top level to compete for a win. Sometimes during an event, you break parts and need some replacement parts - that is where our skilled vendor midway comes into action, where most of the companies have parts on site or services to help you fix your wounded warrior. If you are interested in setting up a booth in our midway, please contact us soon and let us get you on the list to highlight your business. We are expanding our vendor midway to include over 465 feet of new vendors on the spectator side of the raceway, as soon as they walk through the gates! Combine that with nearly 1,000 feet of midway on the pit side to have nearly 1,500 feet of total footage for our great companies wanting to highlight their products at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion!

20' Area - $300.00
30' Area - $350.00
40' Area - $400.00
50' Area - $450.00
60' Area - $500.00
70' Area - $550.00
' Area - $600.00
90' Area - $650.00
' Area - $700.00

20' Area - $100.00
30' Area - $150.00
40' Area - $200.00
50' Area - $250.00
60' Area - $300.00
70' Area - $350.00
80' Area - $400.00
90' Area - $450.00
100' Area - $500.00

Any vendor specializing in the sale/distribution of apparel will be charged an extra $250.00 due to our in-house apparel sales.

Contact Tyler Crossnoe at 731-345-9058 or to reserve yours today!

Top Flight Vendor Midway

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